On Book Shopping….


I just returned from a visit to my oldest daughter’s home in Atlanta. My younger daughter went with me, and we had a wonderful time! We just happened to do some book shopping while there. Well, actually I started before we ever left the state… I picked up some books in Barnes and Noble before we headed out. The second day that we were in Atlanta, we went to a wonderful used bookstore that I always want to visit when I am there. Then, the last day of the trip, we visited a huge Barnes and Noble there!

What happens to me when I get in the bookstore?? I lose my mind… I see all of the books, and I just want one of each! Actually, I have a process that I go through when shopping for books. Before I buy a book in a new bookstore, I always try to find it used. I keep a list in my phone of the books that I am interested in. When I visit used bookstores, I check my list. If I have been looking for a particular book for a while but do not find it, then I will buy it new.

I decide which books to read in several ways. I am always on the lookout for classics that interest me. If I find these used, I try to pick up 1-2 a month, but this doesn’t always happen. I also watch many Booktubers and see what they are reading, listen to their reviews, and choose ones that sound like my kind of story. I do look at the new releases when I am in new bookstores, but only buy them if there is a good sale at the time. I very rarely give full price for any book. I estimate that I buy 90% of my books used.

I have no problem admitting that I have a problem when it comes to books! I really do want them all. However, I have developed this process of hitting used bookstores, and have been able to save a considerable amount of money. I can’t see myself ever giving myself a book buying ban… Don’t think my heart could handle it!


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