The Blog Begins…..


Hello Friends!

The months of August and September held many new things for this girl! This is the first time, in 28 years, that the school year has started and I was NOT a part of it… I gotta tell you; it was weird! What a bittersweet reality for me.

I retired from teaching elementary school after 28 years in a classroom. I knew when I decided to retire that I would need to be busy, to keep my mind alert and to continue to put my passion into something worthwhile. I have been an avid reader for my entire life, so doing more reading was not questionable at all… It WOULD happen! I decided that sharing my love for books and reading was the best way for me to continue to share my passion for education!

I began my journey by watching TONS of Booktube videos, reading blogs, reading articles about Youtube, reading articles about editing, and just, well……… reading! I started my own Youtube channel on September 22nd with my Introduction Video. I have since started posting my videos to my Twitter and Facebook pages as well. This blog is the next step in sharing my passion for reading with others.

This blog is the place where I plan to share my favorite books and reviews, my bookish thoughts and feelings, and the pondering of a retired book nerd.

I hope you will visit often, and enjoy sharing this passion with me!


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